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The Breast Cancer Research Stamp

Image of U.S. Postal Service Breast Cancer Research StampThe Breast Cancer Research Stamp is offered through the U.S. Postal Service as an alternative to a First Class postage stamp. Purchasing the stamp is a convenient and voluntary way to contribute in the fight against breast cancer. Congress passed The Stamp Out Breast Cancer Act of 1997, which stipulates that 70 percent of the net proceeds from the stamp surcharge be directed to the National Institutes of Health for breast cancer research and 30 percent to the Department of Defense for the same purpose. The stamp was first issued on July 29, 1998, becoming the country’s first fund-raising stamp. Congress has reauthorized the sale of the stamp through December 31, 2015.

Reports to Congress - How Breast Cancer Research Stamp Funds Are Used
A provision of the 2007 reauthorization of the Stamp-Out Breast Cancer Act (P.L. 110-150) requires NIH to submit an annual report on the use of funds received from stamp sales to Congress and the Government Accountability Office. The NCI prepares these reports on behalf of NIH.

Use of Funds Received for Semipostal Stamp for Breast Cancer Research, Fiscal Year 2013


GAO Audits
From 1997 until 2007, Congressional reauthorizations of the Stamp-Out Breast Cancer Act required GAO to issue reports on the Breast Cancer Stamp. The GAO reports are available at the following links.

U.S. Postal Service: Agencies Distribute Fund-raising Stamp Proceeds and Improve Reporting GAO-08-45 October 30, 2007

U.S. Postal Service: Factors Affecting Fund-Raising Stamp Sales Suggest Lessons Learned GAO-05-953 September 30, 2005

Breast Cancer Research Stamp: Effective Fund-Raiser but Better Reporting and Cost-Recovery Criteria Needed GAO-03-1021 September 30, 2003

Breast Cancer Research Stamp: Millions Raised for Research, but Better Cost Recovery Criteria Needed GGD-00-80 April 28, 2000

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